Trading View: Winning Charts
Introducing TradingView's multiple winning charts platform. It is a service of real-time data analysis, market overview and charting in one place. Read more in our article!
TradingView: A Synthesis of Technology and Market Insight
TradingView is a groundbreaking trading platform that combines state-of-the-art technology with deep market insights. Designed for traders and investors of all levels, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools including real-time data, advanced charting capabilities, and extensive market analysis features. Users can access a wide range of financial instruments, from stocks to cryptocurrencies, and benefit from community-driven insights and trading ideas. The platform's intuitive interface and customizable dashboard make it easy for both beginners and experts to navigate the complex world of trading.
With its robust technical analysis tools, innovative social networking features, and real-time data streaming, TradingView stands as a unique blend of technology and financial expertise, catering to a global audience of over 30 million users.
Main Purpose of the TradingView Global Platform
The primary function of TradingView is analyzing price charts of various financial assets. But it also provides a large selection of tools for technical analysis.

The secondary function is an analog of a social network. Users can share experiences, information, and even showcase their asset analysis in real time.

There is a free version as well as a paid version.

In the free version of the platform, almost all features are available, but with limitations. For example, only one extended watch list and one indicator calculation on another indicator are available, using no more than three indicators per chart, saving one chart, using one template for indicators. But they are also useful auxiliary tools for a trader. In the basic version there is quite a large number of useful features.
Discover New Trading Opportunities using the TradingView Platform
Let's outline the important features of the TradingView platform:

multifunctional technical analysis;
creation of first-class charts using a variety of auxiliary tools;
the ability to choose any time interval for analysis, down to a second (limited to a month);
using any type of chart, even creating your own;
creation of various trading strategies using a huge selection of indicators;
functions for analyzing arbitrage trading and pair trading;
control of profit and risk ratio;
macroeconomic statistics;
various calendars, e.g. report calendar and economic calendar;
several dozens of built-in indicators (both traditional and those created by other users);
customization of alerts, for example, when price changes or if a strategy or indicator is triggered;
possibility of market simulation;
strategy testing;
Create Your Own Trading Solutions and Strategies with TradingView's cutting-edge technology
programming for traders - Pine Script. The Pine Script language is publicly available in cloud storage. TradingView users can independently write scripts (technical analysis indicators and strategies) based on the language and share them with other community members.

TradingView cloud storage contains more than 100 thousand technical analysis indicators and strategies created by the community. Posted custom scripts can be tested before launching them into the market. After testing, TradingView generates an indicator/strategy performance report.


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